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Customize the Desktop in Windows Vista

Customize your desktop in Windows Vista Customize Vista's desktop: all the customization features in Windows Vista have been optimized, especially when compared with previous versions of Windows, like Windows XP. Customizing the desktop in Windows Vista is a simple operation: it requires either a couple clicks, or visiting a quickly accessible screen of the Control Panel. The multi-tab dialogs to customize the desktop background and other features are gone, replaced by intuitive access to common desktop settings (like changing the desktop background).

Other desktop customization features have remained, others yet have only slightly changed.


Desktop customization tutorials for Windows Vista

In this series of tutorials, we will show you how to customize Vista's desktop:

Customize Vista Desktop Other customizations available from the desktop in previous versions of Windows (like screen resolution, themes, etc.) will be covered in our Windows Vista's Control Panel tutorials.

This series of tutorials primarily focuses on the context menu Vista displays when you right-click on an empty area of your desktop.

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