Windows Vista Tutorial

Windows Vista Tutorial

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Welcome to our Windows Vista tutorial — Free Windows Vista Tutorials explores the features of Microsoft's operating systems starting with the basic tutorials for beginners, up to much more advanced tutorials on topics like networking, security, user management, etc.

A sample, free Windows Vista tutorial Five years have passed between the release of Windows XP and Windows Vista; while adoption of Vista has been slower than expected, it is --by far, and without question-- the best version of Windows ever. Our free windows vista tutorials will give an in-depth look at Microsoft's newest version of Windows. Each vista tutorial can be read independently, but is part of a larger group of tutorials, which makes learning easier.


Introductory Vista Tutorials

Sample Vista tutorials Some of the free Windows Vista tutorials already available include customizing your desktop in Vista, and our tutorials on Windows Vista's new Sidebar and Vista's redesigned Start Menu; customizing Windows Vista's appearance and sounds, and a comprehensive tutorial on Vista's taskbar and notification area ("system tray"). Be sure to consult our sitemap regularly to keep track of our new Windows Vista tutorials (or others, like our Word 2007 tutorial).

Advanced Vista Tutorials

Advanced Windows Vista Tutorials Our Windows Vista tutorials start with beginner level, and move on to more advanced topics: you will explore our Vista security tutorials (managing Windows users, UAC, etc.), our tutorial on Windows Vista maintenance and performance, system folders and user files, and a complete tutorial on printing and printers in Windows Vista.

To request other Windows Vista tutorials, or to send your feedback on an existing tutorial, contact us.

Why did Windows Vista take so long to launch?

When popular operating systems like Mac and Ubuntu Linux release a new version of their OS about once or twice a year, respectively, 5 years to the fruition of Vista sounds like a very long time for the successor of XP. And there were good reasons for that: in 2002, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates launched the "Trustworthy Computing" initiative. In short, this entailed a sharp shift in focus towards security in all software created by Microsoft. This explains both why Windows Vista was released so long after XP, and why Vista is the most secure version of Windows out of the box. Upcoming tutorials will examine in detail safety and security in Windows Vista.

Switching to Windows Vista

Users of Windows 95 and later versions of Windows will have little problem getting started with Vista; but a myriad of new features will appear as they use Microsoft's latest operating system. This website is devoted to helping users of Windows XP and previous versions of Windows to make a smooth transition to Vista. Our tutorials will focus on basic Vista tasks, like using the built-in programs like Windows Internet Explorer, as well as customizing, maintaining, and optimizing Vista for your everyday usage. We also welcome any feedback that allows us to improve our tutorials, whether from prospective switchers, or existing Vista users.

Since most of our tutorials assume some knowledge of Windows, they are ideally suited for users upgrading from XP to Vista. Meet Windows Vista. Further down the page are listed our Windows 7 tutorials, the new version of Windows.

Windows Vista Tutorial

Overview - Meet Windows Vista

Programs and applications in Windows Vista

A special topic that required its own quick tutorial is "What happened to Outlook Express" - Read the answer in our Outlook Express and Windows Vista tutorial.

Customize Windows Vista

Windows Vista Maintenance and Performance

Safety and Security in Windows Vista

File Sharing and Networking in Windows Vista

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