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Add gadgets to the Sidebar in Windows Vista

Windows Vista comes bundled with a few "gadgets", or small programs you can add to the Windows Sidebar. By default, not all these gadgets are displayed: Vista keeps track of all gadgets you installed, whether they are currently running in the Windows Sidebar or not.

There is a difference between "installing gadgets" and "displaying (or adding) gadgets" - Windows Vista's terminology can be a bit confusing. To clarify, this tutorial shows you how to "display" gadgets that are currently installed, but not visible.


Adding gadgets to the Sidebar in Windows VistaTo add a gadget, right-click on the Sidebar and choose "Add Gadgets…"

The Gadget Gallery window will open, displaying all the gadgets you currently have installed on your computer, available to be displayed in the Sidebar. The Gadget Gallery displays indiscriminately Microsoft and third-party gadgets downloaded from the Windows Marketplace.

Another way to add a gadget in Windows VistaAnother way to add gadgets (display the Gadget Gallery) in Windows Vista: click on the plus sign (+) visible at the top of the Sidebar. There is no difference in result between these two approaches.

Adding Gadgets to the Windows Sidebar from Vista's Gadget Gallery

Once the Gadget Gallery has opened, adding (showing) gadgets is only a matter of dragging the gadgets from the Gadget Gallery to the Sidebar.

Windows Vista's Gadget Gallery window

Note that you do not have to drop gadgets directly onto the Sidebar: you can simply drop them outside the Gadget Gallery window: keep in mind that this gadgets will be hidden behind other windows that will by default be displayed on top of gadgets. A later tutorial will show you how to display gadgets hidden behind other regular program windows.

Right-click to add a gadget to the Windows SidebarAnother way to add gadgets to the Windows Sidebar is to right-click on the gadget icon in the gallery, and choose "Add" - this will place a copy of the gadget at the topmost position in Vista's Sidebar.

This does the same as adding as dragging the gadget onto the Sidebar.

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