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Unhide or display menus in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer and classic menus hidden in Windows Vista By default, Windows Vista hides the "classic" menus in several applications, including Internet Explorer (web browser to surf the web) and Windows Explorer (the application that launches when you are looking at folders' content). It is possible to unhide, or display the classic menus back with a single option. Note that pressing the Alt key on your keyboard will reveal the hidden menus, regardless of your global settings concerning classic menus: in other words, the menus are never "turned off", they are just hidden (by default, and optionally).


Unhide the menus, or display the classic menus in Windows Explorer

Open Windows Explorer to configure its options Customize folders and Windows Explorer settings Open Windows Explorer: either by pressing the Windows logo key and hitting E (as in Explorer), or by right-clicking on the Start button and choosing Explore from the Start Menu's context menu.

Once Windows Explorer opens, click on the Organize menu-button, and click on Folder and Search Options.

Windows Vista will launch the Folder Options dialog, that centralizes under a single location most options and settings available to folders and Windows Explorer. Click on the second tab, labeled "View".

Always show menus

Windows Explorer display menu settings The second option listed as a checkbox under Advanced Settings, in the Files and Folders category, reads "Always show menus" - check this checkbox to display the menus at all times, or uncheck it to hide the classic menus.

Click OK to save your changes in folder settings.

Menu accelerators and keyboard shortcuts Whether or not Windows Explorer currently displays the classic menu, you can always hold down the Alt key and press the corresponding letter to pull down each of the available menus: F for File menu, E for Edit menu, V for View menu, T for Tools menu, or H to show the Help menu.

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