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Welcome to our Word 2007 Tutorial!Microsoft Word 2007 While not bundled with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, especially Word 2007, is one of the most common application and program users install on Vista. This series of Word 2007 tutorials will show you how to make the most of Microsoft Office Word 2007, and explain in detail the most common tasks you will use. These tutorials are especially useful since Microsoft has completely revamped Office 2007, visually and organizationally, compared with previous versions of Microsoft Office (even its latest predecessor, Office 2003 and Word 2003). These tutorials start at the beginner level, with basic Word tutorials, and gradually tackle more advanced topics - this tutorial assumes very little knowledge of Word.

Tip: be sure to also check out our Word 2010 Tips & Tricks at - since the new version of Microsoft Office was a relatively minor upgrade, many of these tutorials also apply to Word 2007. They are actively maintain, and we check them for backward compatibility!


Basic Word 2007 Tutorials, for beginners

Basic functionality in Word 2007 We will start our Word 2007 tutorial with some basics; these tutorials are especially useful if you come from a previous version of Word, which had toolbars and menus: you will first take a quick tour of the redesigned Word 2007 interface; you will learn how to show or hide the Ribbon, show or hide the mini toolbar, show or hide the ruler, and how to access the Options in Word 2007 (not as obvious as it may seem!). These tutorials give you a brief overview of the new Word 2007.

Document management in Word 2007

Managing your documents in Microsoft Word 2007 The next tutorials will address common questions concerning document management: namely, how do change the orientation from portrait to landscape, and how to customize your paper size settings. Word 2007 tips and tricks are disseminated throughout these tutorials, and others have a page of their own: for example, how do you look at documents full screen in Word 2007? Or, how do you save a document as PDF from Word 2007? (Hint: you do not need to have the full version of Acrobat installed on your computer!)

Working with images, text alignment, and colors in Word 2007

Working with pictures in Word 2007 The next set of tutorials explains how to work with images: first, how do you insert an image inside a document; once there, how to you align the text to wrap around the image (or, on the contrary, how to make the picture float on its own and break the text flow). Did you know that Word 2007 lets you resize images? (Right from within Word, no need to open another program). You can even crop images in your document - again, right from Microsoft Word.

Finally, you will learn how to change the background color of a document, and how to add a picture as watermark in a Word 2007 document. A final tutorial on Microsoft Word's zoom tool, and you are ready to go.

You will then learn how to change the text background color (as opposed to the background color of the document itself), and how to show or hide the formatting marks (like paragraph symbols).

Pagination, headers and footers, and inserting special items in Word 2007

These more advanced Word 2007 tutorials will teach you how to insert a header, how to insert a footer, and how to insert page numbers (automatic pagination) and insert page breaks in Word 2007.

Inserting special document features in Word 2007 Word 2007 lets you insert several special "items" in your documents, aside from images: most users already know that they can insert an horizontal line (border line) in Word, but did you know that you can also insert links to web pages? Anyone viewing your document inside Microsoft Word can hold down the Ctrl key on their keyboard and click to launch the link inside a web browser.

The next three Word 2007 tutorials in this group will explain inserting symbols and special characters and adding comments to your documents; last, how to change the margins of your document.

Working with tables in Word 2007

Insert tables in Word 2007 This Word 2007 tutorial covers the basics of working with tables, in most cases giving you multiple options to perform the same operation: find the one that best suits your workflow, and use it to save time when working with a table in Microsoft Word!

Using Word 2007 for research tutorials

Aside from being a very advanced text editor, Word 2007 also comes bundled with a number of research and reference tools built right in; some of them require internet access, but most of them don't. The following tutorials will help you make the most of these research tools.

Research and encyclopedias in Word 2007 You probably already know that Word 2007 comes with a spell checker; but it also includes a built-in dictionary to find word definitions, and an also-built-in thesaurus tool to find synonyms and antonyms. Finding how many words are inside your document is only a glance away (literally); Word 2007 even includes an encyclopedia tool (which does require an internet connection - previously mentioned research tools do not).

For those accidental typos, Word 2007 comes to the rescue with the case conversion tool, which, with a single keyboard shortcut, lets you convert to uppercase, lowercase, inverted case, etc. (read the tutorial for all the combinations).

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