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Reset all Start Menu settings in Windows Vista

Windows Vista Start MenuThe previous tutorials focused on customizing the various options available in Windows Vista for the Start Menu. This tutorial will show you how easily to reset all settings you configured, as well as which settings remain intact, so you can reset these as well. While resetting the Start Menu's settings will affect the sub-options we will look at, it will not affect major settings like changing back to the Start Menu or removing program shortcuts you might have added over time.

This tutorial assumes that you are using the "Windows Vista" Start Menu, not the Classic Start Menu. If you do not know what the Classic Start Menu is, you most likely are using the Start Menu covered in this tutorial, the one displayed in the screenshot above.


Accessing the Start Menu properties in Windows Vista

Customize the Start Menu in Windows Vista Customize Windows Vista's Start Menu settings by right-clicking on the Start button, and choosing Properties from the context menu.

The "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window will open: select the second tab, "Start Menu", and click on the "Customize…" button.

Restore Start Menu settings and options in Windows Vista The Customize Start Menu window will open: look for the Use Default Settings button towards the bottom. Click on it to reset all the Start Menu options and settings visible above the button.

Resetting showing the default web browser and email client on the Start Menu

Show default web browser and email program on Start MenuA click on the button will not reset the Show on Start Menu options located below; the screenshot on the right shows you the default values: both checked, with the name of your default web browser and default email client selected.

Resetting Windows Vista's Privacy options

Start Menu privacy options in Windows VistaClick Ok to accept your changes and close the Customize Start Menu window. Back on the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, look at the Privacy options: these are not reset either by a click on the Use Default Settings button. Check or uncheck these checkboxes based on your preferences; these options are covered in the following tutorials: show or hide recent files on the Start Menu, and show or hide recent programs on the Start Menu.

Click Ok on your final changes, and your Start Menu settings will have been reset!

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