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Show or hide items from the Start Menu in Windows Vista

Show or hide common items from the Windows Vista Start Menu This tutorial explains how Windows Vista lets you show or hide common items in the Start Menu. A previous tutorial explained how the behavior of common items could be configured: this tutorial covers the simple Start Menu items you can choose to either show or hide from the Windows Vista Start Menu. These include Connect To, Default Programs, the Favorites menu, Windows Help, Networks, Printers, and the Run command - all of which can be visible on the Start Menu.


Customizing the Start Menu

Customize the Start Menu in Windows VistaTo access the Start Menu settings and options in Windows Vista, right-click on the Start button and choose Properties.

The "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window will open. Select the second tab ("Start Menu"), and click the "Customize…" button.

Show or hide common items on the Start Menu in Windows Vista

Windows Vista can be configured to selectively show or hide common places or folders on the Start Menu. Unlike the settings we described above, the following options are binary: either visible on the Start Menu, or not. In the same scrollable list of options on the Customize Start Menu window, you can show or hide these items:

Windows Vista's Run dialog, accessible from the Start Menu

Show/hide these items from the Start Menu

Displaying or hiding items on the Start Menu Each of these Start Menu items is simply represented with a checkbox in the Customize Start Menu window: a checked checkbox indicates that the item will be visible. Just uncheck to hide any items you do not want displayed on the Start Menu, and check any item you want to see on the Start Menu.

In the screenshot above, we can tell that Windows Vista will show "Printers" on the Start Menu, and that the "Run" command will be hidden from the Start Menu.

Don't forget to click the Ok button to accept the Start Menu options you have customized, and Windows Vista will reflect these changes right away.

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