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Crop a picture in Windows 7

Sample cropped picture in MS Paint for Windows 7 A previous tutorial explained how easily you can resize pictures in Windows 7, using the basic MS Paint graphic editor that comes with your computer; but what if you want to extract an area of an image, and use it as a new image instead? This is called "Cropping", and is very quick to do in Paint, as you'll learn in this tutorial. (You can always copy the portion of the image you are interested in, create a new image file, paste the copied crop, and then save the result as another file - but cropping directly inside Paint is faster, and much easier!)


Crop an image in MS Paint on Windows 7

Follow these simple steps to crop a picture in Paint:

Note: this tutorial also works in the versions of MS Paint that shipped with Windows Vista and Windows XP, but you will find the crop commands under the "Edit" menu (from memory).

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