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While the Windows 7 desktop introduces a few new features (like the ability to change screen resolution directly from the context menu, as it did before Windows Vista), it is mostly unchanged from earlier versions of Windows.

Overview of our Windows 7 desktop tutorials

Many of these tutorials will focus on managing the appearance and settings of desktop icons, one of the most important feature; we will explain how you can customize several aspects of the icons on your desktop, from showing or hiding them completely, to choosing a size, hiding their shadows, etc.


You will also learn about the special icons you can put on your desktop, from "Common Desktop Icons" like the "Recycle Bin" and your "User folder", or "My Computer", to how you can create your own shortcuts to programs, files, and folders that you can place on your desktop for quick and easy access.

A few tutorials will also be devoted to the wallpaper (desktop background picture) - how to use your own photos on the desktop, how to use a solid color instead of an image, or to automatically rotate and change your wallpaper, and to customize its size and position on screen (since the picture you use on your desktop is very rarely of the exact same size as your current screen resolution).

We will close the chapter on wallpapers by showing you how to find and download free Windows wallpapers online with advanced features in Google Image search to find the desktop background of your dream - you will be able to search for a wallpaper by color, size, subject, etc.

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