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Find and download free Windows Wallpapers online (Windows 7 / Vista / XP)

Download free Windows wallpaper for Windows 7 / Vista / XP As we explained in an earlier tutorial, Windows 7 lets you change your wallpaper / desktop background to a solid color or a picture, and comes with a series of images you can use on your desktop. But you can of course use any picture you like, of several supported formats (like JPG, BMP...) In this tutorial, we will show you a quickly -and free- way to get more wallpaper background photos using Google Image search, and we'll go over the type of settings you can customize to find pictures that will perfectly fit your desktop and screen resolution. This tutorial is not just relevant for Windows 7, but also earlier versions of Windows, like Vista or XP. Let's find new background photos for your Windows desktop!


Find free Windows wallpapers online

Follow these steps to find a wallpaper that works best for your tastes and screen resolution:

This is all it takes to find and download free Windows wallpaper online; if you spend just a bit of time getting familiar with Google Images (or other online picture search service), you will be able to find any background photos for your desktop you want!

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