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Configure Recycle Bin settings on Windows 7 desktop

The Recycle Bin is your second-chance, temporary repository for deleted files in Windows 7: in practice, it behaves a bit like a special folder, but, as you'll learn in this tutorial, there are quite a few settings you can customize for the Recycle Bin that make it quite unique. A couple of earlier tutorials have touched on the subject, notably showing you how to change the Recycle Bin icon (you can customize both the empty Recycle Bin and full Recycle Bin icons!), and how to hide or show the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop (alongside other system icons). This tutorial will explain a few other settings, including how much space deleted files should take up at most, how to bypass the Recycle Bin, and how to suppress delete confirmation messages.


Customize Recycle Bin options

Let's start by looking at the Recycle Bin properties:

Click "OK" to apply your new settings (they take effect immediately).

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