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Restore your default desktop icons in Windows 7

Default common desktop icons in Windows 7 As you learned in previous tutorials, Windows 7 lets you fully customize the look of your standard (common) desktop icons; but what if you get tired of your custom desktop icons, and want to go back to the original, "Aero theme" icons on the desktop? No problem: as we explain in this tutorial, Windows 7 has thought of that, and includes a one-click button that will restore all your default icons for the desktop! It will do it for the following icons: Computer ("My Computer"), the User folder icon (the folder that contains all special folders under your profile, like Pictures, Music...), Network, and Recycle Bin (both full and empty, which are two separate icons).


Go back to using the defaults for your common desktop icons

Follow these steps to replace your desktop icons with the original, "Aero theme" icons:

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