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Windows 7 Security, Safety, and User Accounts

Windows 7 security is built-in "out-of-the-box", much more so than previous versions of Windows; like Windows XP SP2 and Vista, it comes with a firewall enabled by default, and like Windows Vista, it comes with "Windows Defender", a basic malware protection tool. The User Account Control ("UAC"), can also be customized more than they could in Vista, and will by default show you less "Confirm - Deny" prompts, and they have been changed to simply "Yes No" whenever a program needs some kind of special permission to make a change to your system.

Overview of our Windows 7 security tutorials

Security starts with running users under the right type of privileges and user account (Standard account, Administrator, or Guest) - you will learn how to change a user account's type, and more broadly manage your Windows profile or another user's profile - from changing the account picture, name, how to login as a different user (without logout), or simply how to quickly lock your computer to prevent unauthorized access to it.


Upcoming, more advanced tutorials will also help you configure your UAC settings, install and customize anti-virus software, customize or disable the Windows firewall to use a third-party firewall instead, etc. A big tour of all of the Windows 7 "System and Security" settings in the Control Panel, as well as good-practice tips to keep your computer safe online and offline.

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