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Windows 7 Appearance and Personalization

Just like previous versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system, Windows 7 can be heavily customize in the looks department: the "Appearance and Personalization" settings go from purely cosmetic options (like changing the windows' colors or transparency settings), to true usability features that make your computer easier to use.

Customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 computer

We will spend as much time explaining how to change theme or turn off "Aero" features (fancy new graphics and animation, which can sometimes get a bit distracting), as fully functional settings that belong to this category, like changing text size and font appearance (font smoothing and ClearType anti-aliasing, which has been dramatically improved in Windows 7, and makes the text much easier to read, especially when using a high screen resolution).


You will also learn how to quickly change your screen resolution from the desktop, and how to customize your screen saver settings: choose another screensaver, test it live, and configure its options (when available, since some screensavers cannot be customized), change the time delay before which Windows 7 launches it, and even how to disable the screensaver feature altogether.

Another common and puzzling problem Windows 7 users face is with the menus positioned on the wrong side of the screen, which is an actual feature designed for tablet PCs: you will learn how to show the menus back on the right side of the screen!

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