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Download Windows 7 Themes (Free themes for Windows 7)

By default, Windows 7 comes included with several free themes: you get seven "Aero themes" (at least for US version of Windows 7), and six "Basic and High Contrast Themes". But, as you saw in the tutorial that explained how to save a custom theme, and the Themes Folder location, Windows themes are actually just files that contain appearance and presentation information for your operating system. This means that you can easily download Windows 7 themes from the internet. Microsoft has a website dedicated to downloading themes for Windows 7. Note that this tutorial focuses on themes for Windows 7, not themes that make previous versions of Windows look like Windows 7.


Find free themes online for Windows 7

Below is the "official" way to download free themes for your Windows 7 computer

Caution: if you decide to download themes from other locations, make sure that they are reputable websites, and that you have adequate protection for your PC (the latest Windows Updates installed, an active antivirus software running, and your Windows firewall turned on).

Preview a Windows 7 theme before downloading it on your computer Note: Unfortunately, you cannot fully preview a theme before downloading it (for now). If you download Windows 7 themes from a third-party website like deviantART, you will be able to get screenshot previews of the themes before you download them (and Microsoft may also add this feature on their free themes gallery - but the theme thumbnails give you a partial preview of the theme's glass color and desktop wallpapers.)

That's how easily you can download new themes for Windows 7! The next tutorial explains how to install a theme in Windows 7 (whether you downloaded it, or copied it from another computer / location). 

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