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Backup themes in Windows 7 / Export and use a theme on another computer

As discussed in a previous tutorial, Windows 7 stores your custom themes as regular files, inside a particular folder under your profile (this allows each Windows user on your computer to have their own selection of theme). This tutorial will explain how to backup your custom themes in Windows 7; this exact same process can also be used to transfer (export) these themes to another computer running Windows 7.


Export / Backup your themes in Windows 7

Follow these steps to start by accessing your Windows themes:

Caution: since the Windows 7 Control Panel references these theme files, make sure that you copy these files, and not cut them - in which case they would become unavailable to Windows. When you plan on using a theme file on another computer, also export a copy of any pictures (like desktop wallpapers) that are associated with the theme: at their most basic level, theme files are a collection of instructions and references to external files - so make sure that the files are copied to the same location as the one referenced inside the original theme. If you want to see the exact content of a theme file, just open it with Notepad or WordPad.

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