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Save a theme in Windows 7 (Custom Windows themes)

Save a theme in Windows 7 - Unsaved Themes only As you saw in the previous tutorial, you can easily change theme in Windows 7: we also mentioned that themes are not just an appearance for windows, start menu, and taskbar; they also keep track of other settings you may have configured, like menu animations, font smoothing / anti-aliasing options, etc. Whenever you change theme, Windows 7 will retain these settings, but not as part of the previous theme you have: in order to associate all the settings like desktop wallpaper you changed, you will need to manually save the theme. Saving themes is both quick and easy to do, as you'll see. We will close this tutorial by also showing you how to rename a theme you saved, or how to create a copy of it by saving it under a different name.


Save your current theme as a custom theme

Follow these steps to save your current appearance configuration as a custom theme:

Rename a saved theme / save themes under a different name

But what if you want to rename a theme you saved, or save a copy of it under a different name? Windows 7 lets you do this quite easily (renaming a saved theme takes a couple of steps).

To save a copy of the selected theme under a different name, right-click on the theme in question, and choose "Save Theme": type a name for the custom theme, and hit Enter. You will now have two copies of the exact same theme, each saved under its own name.

To rename a theme you already saved under a certain name, just do the same as above, to end up with two saved copies of the same theme: then, right-click on the theme you saved under the wrong name, and choose "Delete Theme" from the context menu.

Note: you cannot delete the current theme, so -if needed- click on the theme you saved under a new name (Windows 7 will apply that theme), and then right-click on the theme saved under the old name and then choose "Delete Theme" to remove it.

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