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Where are custom themes stored in Windows 7? Themes folder location

The previous tutorial explained how you can save themes in Windows 7: while Windows 7 includes a special functionality we'll discuss later, which lets you save themes for sharing, how do you access your saved, custom themes? Where is the Themes folder in Windows 7? As you'll see, all custom themes are saved and stored in a single folder (or "directory") under your own profile. This allows Windows 7 to keep track of themes based on who is currently logged in (to avoid having one user see the saved themes of another Windows user on the same computer!)


In what folder does Windows 7 store your themes?

Follow these steps to open the Windows 7 Themes folder inside Windows Explorer:

Note: any theme you find inside the Themes folder in Windows 7 will also be visible under "My Themes" inside the Control Panel!

The Control Panel contains the same My Themes as the Theme Folder in Windows 7

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