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The new Windows 7 start menu has raised somewhat of a controversy, because for the first time since Windows XP and Windows Vista, you cannot customize Windows 7 to use a "Classic Start menu" - this alone will require some adjustment for those who stuck with the old style start menu, it ultimately is the best and most user-friendly start menu ever created by Microsoft.

Overview of our Windows 7 start menu tutorials

The start menu introduced in Windows 7 is not a drastic change from Windows Vista, and even Windows XP to some extent, but it has been dramatically improved; most notably, the search feature (where you type the name of a file, email, or program you are looking for) doesn't only work as advertised, but it actually performs amazingly well: it is fast, accurate, and allows for some latitude in your searching pattern. As you'll discover throughout these Windows 7 tutorials, accessing options and settings no longer requires a visit to the Control Panel in most cases, and you can launch the appropriate screen right from your start menu.


Our Windows 7 start menu tutorials will also explain how to restore some of the settings you may have come to like from earlier versions of Windows, such as showing the "Run" command on it - note that you no longer need the Run command, since the start menu's search field can also be used as a program launcher. Choose a tutorial below and begin learning more about the new start menu:

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