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Hide or show default programs from the Windows 7 start menu

There is a special kind of programs in Windows 7 that are called "Default Programs". The default programs are the applications that will automatically launch when you try to open a certain kind of content. When you click an email link on a web page for example, and blank email will open inside your default email program; likewise when you click a web page link inside an email, the link will open inside your default browser. All default applications you can configure in Windows 7 can be accessed from the start menu; this tutorial explains how to show or hide the default programs on the start menu.


Show default programs on the start menu

Follow these steps to display the Default Programs button on your start menu:

Hide the default programs from the start menu

All you need to do to remove the Default Programs button from your start menu is follow the exact steps we outlined above extended this time you will uncheck the default programs checkbox.

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