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Put a shortcut to a program on the desktop in Windows 7

Most often, installing a program in Windows 7 will automatically place a shortcut to that application on the desktop; when this is not the case, or after you have (accidentally) deleted a desktop shortcut, you can always put a shortcut to a program (or any file / folder) back on the desktop, as we'll explain in this tutorial. We will also show you how to locate a program in case you cannot find it through the start menu (which, as you'll see, is the easiest way to create a shortcut).


Method # 1: create a desktop shortcut from the start menu

Easiest way to create a shortcut to a program on your desktop? Through Windows 7's start menu:

This way of create a shortcut to a program on your desktop is the simplest, and works most of the time: the exception is when the start menu does not list the program in question. The next section of this tutorial explains how to create a shortcut on the desktop when you cannot find your program.

Method # 2: send a shortcut to the desktop from "Program Files" folder

When you cannot find the program through the Windows 7 start menu's search function:

Tip: yet another way to put a shortcut on your desktop (to a program, to a file, or to a folder) is to hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, drag the program to the desktop, release the mouse button, and finally, release the Alt key!

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