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Create and add a folder in the start menu in Windows 7

By default, the Windows 7 start menu comes with a few default programs listed in it, and a special folder visible at the bottom, called "All Programs". This folder contains a reference (or shortcuts) to the applications that came installed on your computer, as well as programs you have installed yourself. But what if you want to create your own folders inside the start menu, and organize shortcuts your own way? Fortunately, Windows 7 lets you make your own folders right inside the start menu, as we'll explain in this tutorial, and as did previous versions of Windows.


Add a folder to your start menu in Windows 7

Follow these steps to create a custom folder (or subfolder) under the All Programs folder:

This is all it takes to make a new folder and place it inside the Windows 7 start menu.

Note: you have just added a folder in the start menu under your own profile, which means that it will not be visible to any other user on your computer; if you need to create a folder visible to all users, read the next tutorial to see how to open the start menu for all users in Windows 7.

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