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Pin / add a web page (website) to your start menu in Windows 7

The previous tutorial explained how you can pin programs to your start menu in Windows 7; but did you know that you can do the same thing for web pages and websites? This is because any shortcut can be pinned to the start menu, including shortcuts to programs, shortcuts to documents, and shortcuts to Internet addresses ("URLs"). In this tutorial, we will use the Hotmail sign in URL as example of web page to pin to our start menu, but you can do the exact same thing for any website or web page you can open inside a web browser (Internet Explorer or other).


Add a website to your start menu

This is how you add a shortcut to a web page on your start menu in Windows 7:

Note: as with previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 also lets you display your Favorites on the start menu; the downsides to that approach is that you have to manually manage the websites you have inside your Internet Explorer favorites, as opposed to having a separate list of favorite web sites that you can use in any web browser.

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