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Show the Control Panel as a submenu on the start menu in Windows 7

When Windows 7 displays the control panel as a button on the start menu, clicking on it will open the control panel after which point you will have to either search for the screen you wanted, or have to use the built in search to find it. But you can optionally make this control panel button a sub-menu that will expand, and display right away all the control panel items you can access. In this tutorial, we will explain how to make the control panel button become a menu, and how to revert from menu to button.


Expand the control panel in the start menu

Follow the steps to force Windows 7 to expand the control panel button into menu items:

Tip: two open the control panel "homepage", just right click on the control panel button and choose "Open" from the context menu. In other words, you get the double functionality of Control Panel button and Control Panel menu by choosing the menu option!

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