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Open the start menu for all users in Windows 7: location of "All Users" folder

The start menu in Windows 7, like in Windows Vista or Windows XP, contains two types of folders and shortcuts to programs: those only visible to a certain Windows user, like you when you logon, and those visible to all Windows users ("All Users"). Standard programs installed with Windows 7, like WordPad or MS Paint, will be displayed to all users; third-party applications you or another user installs on your PC come with an installer that typically gives the choice to make the program available to you only, or all users of that computer. In this tutorial, we will show you how to open the All Users start menu: this gives you the ability to add programs and shortcuts that will be shown to everyone using your computer, and even new users created after the fact (how to add a new user in Windows 7).


Open the All Users start menu folder in Windows Explorer

Follow these steps to access shortcuts and folders for all current users' start menu:

This is how easily you can open the All Users start menu in Windows 7, and add custom content and shortcuts to it, just as you would in any other folder and subfolder on your PC.

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