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Add new users in Windows 7 (Create Windows user account profiles)

When you first run Windows 7, it will automatically create an "Administrator" account, since you cannot use Windows without being logged in as some kind of user (even if this means using the "Guest" user account). But you can create other Windows accounts, which allows each of you to have files under your profiles protected from one another; for example, your web browser's bookmarks are stored in your user account profile; having multiple Windows accounts means that each of you can have their own experience. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a new Windows user profile in Windows 7, and what type of profile features and options you will want to look for.


Create a new user in Windows 7

Here are the steps to follow to make a new user account profile in Windows 7:

And this is how you create new user account profiles in Windows 7; you can always go back and edit a user's profile by typing "user account" in the start menu, and clicking on the "User Accounts" result link. In some cases (for example if you are a standard user in Windows 7, and want to make changes to an administrator account, you will need the admin password).

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