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Delete User Accounts in Windows 7 (Permanently remove Windows profiles)

Just as you can create new users in Windows 7, you can delete user accounts (profiles) later on; in fact, you only need one user account (Administrator) to be able to run Windows 7 - all other users can be deleted. In this tutorial, we will show you how to delete a user profile in Windows 7, with two options: delete user and remove files, or delete user but keep his / her files intact (the files and folders like Documents, Music, etc. that are stored under the user's profile).

Before deleting a user profile (which cannot be undone), consider the option of simply changing the user's password instead: this prevents the user from logging into Windows 7, but leaves all profile information and user files intact - you can reinstate this user as soon as you feel like it.


Delete a user in Windows 7 (and permanently remove user's files)

Follow these steps to access all Windows users created on your computer:

...And this is all it takes to delete a user account (Windows profile) under Windows 7.

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