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Change your password in Windows 7 (Add or remove user account passwords)

Whenever you create a profile for a will user, you can create an account password, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing this particular Windows profile. But, even if you have not setup a password, you can later on add a password; likewise, you can choose to remove a password from another protected Windows account. And finally, you can of course change the password of an account at any time (change your password, or another Windows user's). This tutorial explains how to add, remove, or change a user password in Windows 7.

Tip: you can also change Windows password from the command line (DOS prompt).


Add a password to a Windows profile (user account)

You will need to access the existing Windows user's profile to add password protection to his or her account - follow these simple steps:

From this point on, this Windows user will only be able to login to their account and access their files after supplying the password you just created (added).

Remove a password from a Windows 7 user account

While we do not recommend you do it, Windows 7 lets you remove password protection from a user account profile (by default, you have to manually add a password when creating a new user account).

And that's all it takes to remove a password in Windows 7!

Change the Windows password of a user account / change your password

The steps involved in changing your Windows password, or another Windows user's password are quite similar, so we'll explain both at the same time in the following series of steps:

You can change password, add a password, or remove a password from Windows accounts as often as you'd like; in fact, if your computer is surrounded by many people (e.g., work colleagues), it is a good idea to regularly change your password - and Windows 7 makes password management so easy that there is little excuse not to keep your computer / Windows profile secure! To learn more about Windows 7 security and specifically password protection throughout the operating system, make sure to check out Reset Change Windows 7 Password to manage yours and other users' passwords.

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