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Change the type of your account profile in Windows 7 (Switch between Administrator / Standard User)

Administrators and Standard Users in Windows 7 By default, the first user account created in Windows 7 is an "Administrator", and there has to be at least one administrative account per computer. Excluding the Guest account, any user accounts you create thereafter can be either a standard user (limited privileges and permissions), or an administrator (you can have multiple administrators per PC). But Windows 7 also lets you change the account type for any user you have created; this tutorial explains how to switch between standard user and administrator, or the reverse - we'll show you both how to upgrade an account to Administrator, or downgrade an Admin back to Standard User status.


Upgrade your Windows account type from standard user to administrator

Follow these steps to switch to an administrative account:

Caution: any administrator has full access and permissions on your computer, so grant this favor with care. If you end up having concerns about an administrative user in particular, you can change your Windows password, or change that user's password. You can also revoke the privilege and change that user account type back to "standard user".

Change an administrative user's account type back to "Standard User"

If you decide to downgrade your Windows account or another's from Administrator back to Standard User, just follow the steps outlined above and choose "Standard User" instead.

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