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Enable or disable the Guest Account in Windows 7

Default Guest Account in Windows 7 In addition to the computer administrator and other Windows user profiles you have created, Windows 7 supports a "Guest Account", which can be turned on or turned off at will (enabled or disabled). The Guest Account is designed for people who need temporarily access to your computer, with limited permissions (like a "guest"!)


Enable the Guest Account in Windows 7 (Turn On)

As a good security precaution, and rule of thumb, it is a good idea to disable all features you don't actively need; but when a guest is visiting, and requests access to your computer running Windows 7, you can temporary grant him/her access by enabling the Guest Account this way:

You are done! The Guest Account has now been turned on, and will appear on the user screen displayed when Windows 7 starts, or when someone locked the computer.

Disable the Guest Account in Windows 7 (Turn Off)

To disable the Guest Account in Windows 7, follow these steps:

That's it! The Windows 7 Guest Account is now disabled, and the only Windows user account profiles that will be displayed on the welcome screen (when Windows starts) or the user login screen (after someone has locked the computer) will be the standard and administrator accounts you have setup.

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