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Windows Explorer, Files, and Folders in Windows 7

Windows 7 introduces a much improved Windows Explorer program to manage your files and folders: it will immediately look quite familiar to Windows XP and Windows Vista users, and most of the changes are improvements to the core functionality, and plenty of tiny additions that make working with documents and directories a lot easier and more convenient than ever before on Windows.

You will find in these tutorials plenty of tips and tricks that will make you more efficient, like how to rename multiple files at once, add folders you use often to your favorite places (a side pane on the left of any Windows Explorer window), and how to get much more information about a single file or a group of selected files and/or folders (like how to get the size of multiple files at the same time, even if your selection includes several folders as well).


Our Windows 7 networking and file sharing tutorial will focus on managing files and folders on your local network or HomeGroup, while the tutorials in this section explain everything there is to know about "local files and folders" - those that reside on your own computer, as opposed to a server or another machine on the network, or even an FTP or file server online.

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