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How much free space is left on my hard drive? (Disk Usage)

Depending on your computer's hard drive space (total storage) and how you use your PC, it can be important to stay on top of your disk usage. Multimedia files (like iTunes TV shows and movies) take disk space in big chunks of 500 Mb (megabytes) to 1 Gb (gigabyte). In this tutorial, we will show you a quick way to determine the amount of free space you have on your hard drive; this also applies to any external storage device like USB drives (flash drives) or regular external hard drives you use for backup and additional storage.


Check the remaining storage space of a drive

Follow these simple steps to check "used space" and "free space" on a drive:

Change view to show disk usage in Windows Explorer Tip: to change view in Windows Explorer, simply click on the "Change your view" button a few times; you can also click on the dropdown arrow and directly pick "Tiles" as icon view.

Configure Windows Explorer to always show disk usage for all drives

Telling Windows 7 to show used space and free storage left automatically is simple:

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