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Use a picture as folder preview file in Windows 7

Default preview files in Windows 7 folders Windows 7 will automatically use the files it contains to generate a preview used in the folder's image on your desktop or in Windows Explorer (except if you customized the folder's icon). Depending on the folder's content, you will see one or more files used as content preview files for the folder. But, as you'll learn in this tutorial, you can customize this behavior and use any picture of your choice as folder preview file. We will also explain how to reset the folder and restore to using the default preview files.


Choose a custom picture as preview file for your folder

Here is how you set a picture as preview file in Windows 7:

You can of course change again the folder's preview file at any time: just follow the same steps outlined above, and pick another picture file.

Restore the original folder preview files

At any point, Windows 7 lets you revert to using the default preview files behavior for the folder: instead of showing the custom picture, you will now see a random selection of files inside the semi-open folder image. Here is how you restore the default folder preview files:

You can tell that Windows 7 now uses a sampling of the files the folder contains to give you an idea before you actually have to double-click on the folder to open it.

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