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Quickly make a copy of a file / folder in Windows 7 + Create multiple copies at the same time

Whenever you need to quickly create a copy of one file or folder, or copy multiple files and folders at the same time, there is a trick you can use in Windows 7 (which also works in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and older versions of Windows). The advantage of this approach, aside from the fact that you don't need to learn a keyboard shortcut for it, is that it copies the selected files and folders without going through the clipboard: in other words, you will still be able to paste whatever text, image, or file you may have copied earlier on!


Control-Drag to create copies of files and folders

Follow these steps to bypass the clipboard and make copies of a folder or files: (or multiple folders)

Tip: if you accidentally made copies of files, just press the Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut to "Undo Copy". Windows 7 will display a confirmation dialog asking your permission to delete {x} number of files: click on the "Yes" button to send these file copies to the Recycle Bin. But, since all copies created are automatically selected, you can press instead the Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut: this will delete the copies you created without placing them in the Recycle Bin - be very careful when "Shift-Deleting" files or folders, since this action cannot be undone.

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