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Show hidden files and folders in Windows 7

As you learned in the previous tutorial, Windows 7 lets you hide files and folders: but, as you'll see in this tutorial, you can also configure (force) Windows 7 to show files and folders that are hidden. This means of course that hiding folders is not a bullet-proof way to hide sensitive material. In addition to hiding files and folders, make sure that you quickly lock Windows when you have to leave your computer unattended, and that you save any "secret" file inside a sub-folder of your profile (like the Desktop, which is only visible to you - and users who have the administrator's password).


Make Windows 7 display hidden files and folders

Follow these steps to allow Windows to show hidden folders and their content:

This is all it takes to show hidden files, folders, and drives in Windows 7! All this shows the limitations of hiding folders as a mean of protecting your data, since advanced users and anyone who has read this tutorial will now be able to unhide these hidden folders and look at their content!

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