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Send a file as email attachment in Windows 7 through Send To menu

One of the most common method used to send files as email attachment is to do from within an email program; this can be tedious, since you have to manually choose to insert a file attachment, then navigate to the folder on your computer in which the files are located, and then add them (sometimes one-by-one, if you are trying to email multiple attachments). Like Windows Vista, Windows XP, and some earlier versions, Windows 7 lets you send files by email in a much easier and quicker way, as you'll learn in this tutorial. And, depending on the situation, you can use one technique or another, both will work fine, but the one explained in this tutorial will save you time 99% of the time!


Send one or more files by email in Windows 7

Follow these steps to quickly attach a file or several files at the same time to an email message:

This is the quickest way to send files as email attachments in Windows 7! 

Send an entire folder as email attachment

Tip: if you right-click on a folder and choose "Send to > Mail recipient", Windows 7 will take all the top-level files inside that folder, and automatically attach them to an email message (in other words, the files inside that folder that are not in a subfolder).

Attach multiple files to an email message with the Windows 7 send to menu

Tip # 2: to send an entire folder and all the files and subfolders it contains as a single email attachment, just create a compressed folder (zip file) first, and then right-click to email the resulting zip file as attachment - this will include everything in the email message!

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