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How to drag to create a shortcut to a folder or file in Windows 7

As many already know, you can create a shortcut to a file or folder by right-click on the item in question, and choosing "Create shortcut" from the context menu. But there is an even easier way, which also makes it more simple to create a series of shortcuts for multiple files and folders selected at the same time. This technique works with mouse shortcuts in much the same way as the previous tutorial explained how to quickly copy multiple files and folders at the same time in Windows 7 (without having to go through the Windows clipboard). While the current tutorial focuses on Windows 7, the exact same trick works in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and earlier versions of Microsoft's OS.


Make shortcuts to one or more files and folders

Follow these steps to drag to create shortcuts in Windows 7:

Tip: by default, some system folders (like "Program Files", or "Program Files (x86)" for 64-bit Windows) will create the shortcuts not inside the current folder or subfolder, but on your desktop. Just click on the "Yes" button, and then move the shortcuts that were created to the destination folder in which you wanted them in the first place:

Windows 7 asking confirmation to create shortcuts on the desktop

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