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Count the number of files that are in a folder in Windows 7

How many files are inside a folder? This question is easily answered with a single keyboard shortcut that will give you the exact file count for any folder (including the number of subfolders a folder contains), without requiring you to count the number of files by hand.


How many files are inside this folder? No need to count

Follow these steps to find out how many files are inside a particular folder:

Tip: the keyboard shortcut to open a folder's Properties dialog, when the folder is selected, is simply to hit Alt+Enter: Windows 7 will immediately open the same information we got by right-clicking and choosing "Properties".

When a folder is opened inside Windows Explorer, the "Details Pane" (docked at the bottom of the window) also gives you a file count, including the number of subfolders contained inside this particular folder. Keep in mind that this file count only reflects the number of "top level" items in the folder: in other words, it tells you how many files and folders are contained, but it does not count how many files (and folders) are inside subfolders:

Number of folders and file count in Windows Explorer

So, to get a true and accurate file count and number of folders contained inside a given folder, make sure to go through the Properties dialog! (Or to use the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut.)

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