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Make a folder appear in my Documents library in Windows 7

Unlike some older versions of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 7 treats your special folders as "libraries", or "virtual folders". In other words, your "[My] Documents" location is no longer a regular folder, but a shortcut location that makes it easier to find files and folders on your computer (Windows 7 simply calls this folder "Documents"). In this tutorial, we will show you how to add any folder you want to appear inside your Documents "folder", while keeping it in another location on your PC!


Show a folder in your Documents

Here is how to force folders to appear in the Documents library:

Adding files and folders to My Documents the old way

To make things more user-friendly, Microsoft still allows you to place files and folders in your Documents as if it were a "regular" folder: cut any file or folder on your desktop, for example, and you will be able to paste it inside your Documents. In that case, the file/folder will no longer appear on your desktop, but only inside the Documents library.

Caution: since the Documents folder in Windows 7 is "dynamic", and populated with its content on-the-fly whenever you open it, keep in mind that the more "stuff" you either put inside Documents or index it as belonging to the Documents library, the longer it will take to open.

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