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See when a file was created in Windows 7 (Files / folders creation date)

Along with other information, Windows 7 keeps track of the creation date of files and folders on your computer; and this is something you can find out quite easily. In this tutorial, we will show you how to determine when a folder or file was created, how reliable this information is (and when to look for confirmation elsewhere), and how you can sort files by "date created" in Windows Explorer. Note that while this tutorial focuses on Windows 7, these tips are also applicable to Windows Vista, Windows XP, and older versions of Microsoft's operating system.


Determine the "Created Date" of files and folders

Follow these steps to get the date when a file was created:

How reliable is a file's "Created" date / time?

There are several factors that affect the timestamp Windows 7 displays as created date for files and folders. One of them is the current computer time - if you travel, and change time zone on your PC, some files may appear as having been created to far in the past or appear as having been created in the future! (depending on whether you were traveling eastwards or westwards). The same remark applies to the apparent creation date of a file if your computer date and time settings were just wrong.

Another setting that affects the visible created date and time timestamp of a file or folder is if it was transferred from the network, or imported from another computer - in that case, you may see the date and time on which the file or folder was created on your hard drive - in other words, the date and time at which you copied this file or folder on your computer.

Sort files and folders by Created Date in Windows Explorer

Here's how to sort the content of a folder by creation date: (newest files first, or oldest files first)

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