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Programs and Features in Windows 7

Once you have installed or upgraded to Windows 7, or ran for the first time a computer with Windows 7 preferences-installed, you will spend your time using programs, or "applications". Some programs, like Notepad, MS Paint, or WordPad, are included with Windows, while others, like Word 2007, have to be purchased and installed separately. Either way, they are managed similarly: most applications can be installed or uninstalled, set as default programs for some file types or protocols (something we'll explain how to do), etc.

Part of mastering program management on Windows 7 has to do with understanding how a program works, how it typically maintains options on your profile (useful when you need to backup your preferences and options for a particular application), where Windows 7 stores these settings by default, and how to deal with frozen programs and unresponsive applications.


While these tutorials won't concentrate on the safety of programs you install, our Windows 7 security tutorials will address these concerns specifically.

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