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Set Firefox as default browser in Windows 7

Already since a few versions, the Mozilla Firefox installer includes a checkbox, checked by default, that offers to make Firefox the default browser for Windows 7: so, as soon as you have installed or re-installed it, it should automatically be your default browser. This tutorial explains how to manually change back or set Firefox as default web browser. But we'll first show you how to check from within Firefox it if is currently the default web browser for Windows 7, and how to make it check this every time it launches (and warn you if another browser has taken over Firefox's role).


Set or check that Firefox is currently the default browser

The next section of this tutorial explains how to use the standard Control Panel to set your default browser; we'll start by showing you how to check, from within Firefox, if it currently is the default browser, and how to make the default web browser otherwise:

Make Mozilla Firefox your default web browser (through Control Panel)

Follow these steps to set Firefox as the default browser through the Windows 7 Control Panel:

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