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Set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 7

As soon as you have downloaded and installed Google's Chrome web browser on your computer, and launched it for the first time, it will prominently display a button that allows you to make it the default web browser for Windows 7. If you have missed the opportunity, or if another web browser has set itself as the new default instead, don't worry: this tutorial explains how to make Chrome the default browser in Windows 7: we will show you how to do that from the Windows Control Panel, but also from within Chrome itself (which will be a time saver if you are already inside Chrome).


Make Google Chrome the default Windows 7 browser (from within Chrome!)

Follow these steps to make Chrome the default web browser:

Set Chrome as default browser from the Control Panel

Follow these steps to use the Control Panel instead:

You now know two ways in which you can set Chrome as the default browser, and how to check at any time if it is currently Windows 7's default web browser!

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