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Set Windows Live Mail as default email client in Windows 7

The Windows Live Mail email program for Windows 7 Unlike several previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 does not come with an email program "built-in" - in many cases though, your PC maker (Dell, HP...) will automatically install an email application on their own, for convenience; this will typically be Windows Live Mail, the free email client made by the Windows Live team, a Microsoft division separate from the group that creates Windows itself. (If Windows Live Mail isn't already installed on your computer, please see "Free: Download Windows Live Mail for Windows 7".) If Windows Live Mail comes with your computer (and is the only email program on your PC), it is automatically set as the default; otherwise, this tutorial explains how to make Windows Live Mail your default mail handler for Windows 7.


Change your default email program to Windows Live Mail

Follow these steps to set Windows Live Mail as default mail handler:

Note: click this sample email link to confirm that Windows Live Mail is indeed your current email program - it will open a new email window, in the email client that Windows 7 has currently set as the default mail handler. If you cannot set Windows Live Mail as the default email program, try closing all email applications you have open, and start the process over.

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