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Force Windows 7 to close a program (kill process of unresponsive / frozen applications)

Kill frozen programs and unresponsive applications in Windows 7 For the most part, each version of Windows becomes more stable than its predecessors, and this is true with Windows 7; in some cases, an application or program becomes unresponsive (frozen) and will not quit or close even after repeatedly clicking on the Close button - in cases like these, Windows 7 offers an alternate solution, which is to go through the Task Manager and manually kill the unresponsive or frozen application. In this tutorial, we will show you several ways in which you can start the Task Manager: this is useful since, depending on how badly the frozen program affects the rest of your computer, one of these ways may not work, while others will. Then, we'll explain how to kill a process from the Task Manager, or force a program to close, in other words.


Launch the Windows 7 Task Manager to force a program to close

Follow these steps to access the Task Manager and kill unresponsive / frozen applications:

You are now fully prepared to kill processes and manually force Windows 7 to shut down unresponsive programs. Keep in mind that if a program closes abnormally (like if you force quit through the Task Manager), it will most probably lose its data, at most up to the last time you saved your changes (in the case of a program like Word 2007, for example), or since it last automatic saved your settings.

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