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Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 from Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with Internet Explorer 8 pre-installed on your computer, and Internet Explorer 9 ("IE9") is available as a standard Windows Update. There are quite a few changes in the interface of Microsoft's web browser (the tabs, buttons, menus, etc.), but also quite a few security upgrades in Internet Explorer 9 - since it is the safest version of Internet Explorer, we recommend that you not only upgrade to it, but not revert to an older version: nonetheless, this tutorial explains how to completely remove Internet Explorer 9, and (automatically) revert to using Internet Explorer 8.

Tip: before you uninstall Internet Explorer 9 from your PC, keep in mind that it includes a "backward compatibility" button in the address bar, which allows you to force select websites to "render" (show and behave) as they would under an older version of IE. The screenshot below shows compatibility mode disabled (default) and enabled - notice that the "broken page" icon is blue and darker in the second case (Internet Explorer 9 keeps track of which domains you want to show as backward compatible, and lets others render with the default settings).

Use the compatibility button in Internet Explorer 9


Remove Internet Explorer 9 from your PC 

Follow these steps to downgrade to IE8:

If you later on decide to re-install Internet Explorer 9, just go to and download the latest version (that upgrade may also be available under your optional Windows Updates).

Note that you cannot run Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 7; if you need to do so for testing purposes or otherwise, just install Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, and you'll be able to run these applications as if they were installed on Windows 7 itself. As you'll learn in later tutorials that cover these topics in details, you need to have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to get XP Mode (but you can get still Windows Virtual PC otherwise).

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