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Uninstall / Delete Games from your Windows 7 computer

Windows 7 comes with over ten games pre-installed on your computer; unlike regular programs, which can be uninstalled the traditional way, these games are a part of the Windows operating system. You can uninstall them and temporarily remove them from your PC, as you'll learn in this tutorial. Note that this Windows 7 tutorial only addresses the "built-in" Windows games; to uninstall another game that you installed yourself, just follow these instructions instead: uninstall programs in Windows 7. Lets now show you how to remove the games that come with Windows.


Delete the Windows 7 games from your system

Follow these steps to turn off the built-in Windows games feature on your computer:

Note: Windows 7 features can be turned on or off as needed. They are not permanently deleted from your computer, since they are part of the operating system. This means that you can safely remove the Windows games from your PC, and then re-install them later on!

Tip: to re-install the built-in games on your Windows 7 computer, use the steps we explained above, but this time check the checkboxes of the games you want back on your system.

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