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Set Thunderbird as default email client in Windows 7

This tutorial will explain how to set Mozilla Thunderbird as the default email client on your Windows 7 computer; we assume that Thunderbird is already installed on your PC: if not, please read first the following tutorial: "Free: Download Thunderbird for Windows 7". We will also show you a way to confirm and check your current, default mail handler with a test link.


Change your default email program to Thunderbird in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make Thunderbird your default mail handler:

Note: To confirm that you have successfully set Thunderbird as your default email program in Windows 7, click on this email link: a new, blank email window should open in Mozilla Thunderbird. If it doesn't, it means that whatever email application opened instead is currently your default mail handler - if you cannot change your default email to Thunderbird, try closing all email programs you have running, and start over with the steps outlined above.

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