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Uninstall a program in Windows 7 (Delete / remove from your computer)

Any time a program is installed on your computer, it will "register" itself with Windows 7: this allows you to uninstall programs from your PC from a single page in the Control Panel. While some programs (applications/utilities) do not include "uninstallers", they are fortunately in the minority - but this tutorial will also explain what to do when your having problems uninstalling a program from your PC, and how to permanently delete it (manually remove it).


Uninstall a program through the Control Panel

This method of uninstalling programs from your computer is the easiest, and the safest: try it first!

Problem uninstalling programs: manually delete them

While this should only be done by someone familiar with Windows, you can manually remove programs from your PC simply by deleting them. This solution is necessary when the program cannot be uninstalled the proper way (through the Windows 7 Control Panel, as described above).

* Tip: Note that if you are using a "64-bit" version of Windows 7 (Home Premium 64, Professional 64, etc.), this particular program may be located inside the "C:\Program Files (x86)\" directory instead of the regular "C:\Program Files\" folder.

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