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Mouse pointers and Cursors in Windows 7

After the keyboard, which has a limited amount of "customize-ability", the mouse is the most frequently used tool, or external peripheral, with Windows 7. These tutorials will focus on configuring your mouse's options from acceleration and cursor visibility, to creating your own cursor themes, or "schemes", saving them, and how to backup or export them to another Windows 7 PC.

Overview of our cursor and mouse pointer tutorials

We will start by showing you how to use and customize cursor schemes to switch the appearance and size of your mouse pointers in Windows 7 - for the most part, this is done in much the same way you could configure your mouse and cursors in previous versions of Windows.


Aside from the appearance of the mouse (the cursor you see on screen), we'll explain some functionality settings you can tweak to make your mouse faster or easier to use, how to change your cursor blink rate, make the mouse pointer move automatically to a default button, or even how to make your mouse automatically scroll through web pages and documents.

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